Special Education Staff

R-II Technology Mission Statement

Montgomery County R-II is committed to building the type of technology infrastructure that will best support teaching and learning, and address the functions of the district.

R-II Technology Vision Statement

The district recognizes a need to continue to integrate and update technology into its instruction to address the need for improved student achievement. We wish to have our students be productive citizens, and that includes the integration of technology into their instruction. This belief then directs the direction of our technology plan into the state's Technology Focus areas, and demonstrates a clear connection between learning and technology.

Montgomery County R-II District Technology Goals

Goal 1: The district will engage in rigorous instruction driven by technology-enriched curricula to realize high levels of academic achievement and performance that fosters life-long learning.

Goal 2: The district will implement technology-enriched curricula, research-based instructional strategies, and effective integration of instructional technology systems to realize high levels of academic achievement.

Goal 3: The district will implement effective and efficient administrative, data management, and communication processes, through the use of technology, that support teaching and learning.

Goal 4: All district personnel and students will have equitable access to technology resources that promote professional and academic performance. Goal 5: All district personnel and students will have adequate technical support to effectively use instructional and administrative technologies