District Provided Health Insurance Waiver

The Board of Education has voted to allow employees who are eligible for District provided Health Insurance to waive their rights to this insurance if they can provide proof they are currently covered by other health insurance.

Employees should be cautioned that there are several pitfalls to waiving this coverage:

  1. Most employers will not allow or cover a spouse if they have access to health insurance where they are employed and in our case in particular as we currently pay for the full individual coverage for the employee.

  2. There is not financial incentive from the District to waive this coverage.  If waived, the employee receives no other form of reimbursement or monetary incentive in place of the cost of the insurance.

  3. Once waived, you may not be eligible to return to the District provided Health Insurance Plan until the next open enrollment period.

  4. The cost of the individual insurance premium paid by the District counts as creditable earnings each year toward retirement.  If you waive this coverage that amount will not be reported to the proper retirement agency (PEERS/PSRS) as creditable earnings.  If waived, the employee and the District will not pay the required retirement contribution on the premium.

  5. If you retire while not on the District provided Health Insurance Plan you will not be eligible to continue paying for and receiving that coverage during retirement.

If you choose to waive this coverage, you must download and fill out the form in the presence of a Central Office Staff Member.  You may download the form below.