Medication Policy

The Montgomery County R-II School District is dedicated to providing the most appropriate services to the students of the district. Safe and effective administration of medication requires adherence to the following medication policy:

  1. For any prescription or over the counter medication to be given at school, the parent/guardian of the student must sign a completed medication authorization form. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the school nurse or school personnel of any changes in the student's health, change in medication or if the medication is to be discontinued.

  2. Medicine prescribed by a physician or other licensed health professional must have a pharmaceutical label to be accepted at school. Your pharmacist can give you an extra-labeled bottle to use for medicine at school. The bottle should include the following information: student's name, current date, name of medication, the dosage, route, and frequency of administration, and name of prescribing physician or other licensed health professional.

  3. Medication brought to school should not exceed a 30-day supply. At the end of the school year, all unused, unclaimed medication will be destroyed.

  4. Medication must be dispensed from the original container and by the school nurse or school personnel who has received medication administration training.  The first dose of medication should be administered by parents.

  5. It should not be necessary to administer more than one dose of medication during the school day. Your physician may be able to schedule all doses of medication to be taken at home. Exceptions should be arranged with the school nurse.

  6. For the safety of all students, students may not transport medications to and from school on the school bus or walking to school.  Medications MUST be brought to school by a responsible adult.

  7. A physician may recommend that an individual student, with a chronic (potentially life threatening) health condition, assume responsibility for his/her own medication provided the following conditions have been met:
    A. Parents/guardians have reviewed and signed a health care plan designed for the student.
    B. The student's physician has provided written certification that the student is capable of and has been instructed in the proper method of self-administering the medication.
    C. Parents/guardians of the student must sign a statement acknowledging the district shall incur no liability as a result of any injury arising from the student's self-administration of medications.
    Required forms are available at your child's school.

  8. If your child requires an over-the-counter medication (Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen or Cough Drops)  be taken at school, it needs to be provided in the original, unopened container, containing no more than 50 tablets or capsules.  These medications will be administered following the district medical standing orders and/or by manufactures dosage guidelines on the label. 

  9. The school district retains the right to reject requests for administering medication.