Board Norms

Montgomery County R-II School District

Board of Education Norms

Adopted December 12, 2019


The Montgomery County R-II Board of Education recognizes the following principles and expectations as a basis for a high-performing and respectful group working together to provide the best education possible to the students of the district.  They recognize the following: 

  • Collaborate and communicate in a professional manner, while keeping an open mind and considering all opinions.

  • Minimize disruptions during board work.

  • Attempt to start meetings on time.

  • Come to meetings prepared, which includes asking questions in advance (when possible).

  • Work in a team effort with the Board’s employee (the Superintendent) within the scope and body of district improvement plans, the budget, and the policies and procedures.

  • Strive to make evidence-based decisions using reliable data and stay focused on what’s best for students. 

The purpose of this document is not to be static but to evolve as the Board evolves.  Future Boards are invited and encouraged to revisit and revise these norms.