MCR2 Virtual Course FAQs





In accordance with SB 603:

Students, who have been enrolled full time in a public or charter school for at least one semester immediately prior, may enroll part-time or full-time in the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program. Enrollment must be approved by Montgomery County R-II School District. A student with a documented medical or psychological condition that prevented the student from attending school during the previous semester shall be exempt from the requirement that a student is enrolled full-time in and attended a public school for at least one semester in order to enroll in Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program courses.

What does the law say?


Is this Board policy?

MCR2 adopted a new policy and related forms and procedures in November of 2018. Below is a link to that policy:

MCR2 Policy IGCD

Does this apply to K-12 students?

Yes, beginning Spring Semester 2019.

What is the process for a student/family to request this online learning opportunity?

Individuals will follow the same school registration practices (and timelines) as they would for face-to-face classes to access this opportunity:

·Elementary and Middle School students/parents coordinate with the principal and counseling staff

·High School students/parents coordinate with the counselor following general registration process procedures.

Once the student/parent meets with the appropriate level school employees and determine what courses they are considering, the student/parent will be given a self-assessment form.  After the self-assessment has been scored and a discussion with the appropriate level school employee(s) takes place, a Virtual Course Application form will be completed and submitted to the Building Principal.  The Principal will assess the application and make a determination as to whether this is in the educational best interest of the student.

​Contact the individual school office for access to forms

What courses are offered?

Fueled By Launch Courses
MOCAP Courses

Will the district provide technology, supervision, or a space to access this online learning?

The District is not obligated to provide student computers, equipment or internet access except for eligible students with disability in compliance with federal and state law. Space access (i.e. a place at the school building for students to work on their MOCAP coursework) will follow current MCR2 procedures (District will make efforts to provide space in the building). However, students at the Middle and High School are currently 1:1 with Chrome Books, which may be used for Virtual Courses. The District will not be responsible to provide access to the internet anywhere but at the school site.

Virtual Courses taken at the High School above and beyond the full schedule will be on the student's own time outside the school day.

Will students be allowed to leave the school grounds when working on Virtual Courses?

If the student does not have on-site classes at the beginning of the day, the student will be allowed to report to school in time for their first on-site class scheduled for the day with written parent/guardian permission. Individual circumstances (i.e.-student reporting late for first scheduled on-site class, etc.) may result in student being required to report to school at the normal beginning time.

If a student’s last on site class is prior to the normal ending time for the school day, the student will be allowed to leave school grounds early with written parent/guardian permission.

Students with on-site classes the first period and last period of the school day will not be allowed to leave school grounds until normal dismissal time.

Will exceptional learners such as ELL, 504, or IEP students be provided support?

Support will be provided through the vendor.

How will this effect MSHSAA eligibility?

MCR2 Rules/Regulations require a High School Student to be enrolled in two on site classes per semester and preceding semester (except Freshmen) to be eligible for MSHSAA activates.

Current MSHSAA Rules/Regulations require a Middle School Student to be enrolled in two on site classes per semester and preceding semester to be eligible for MSHSAA activities.

Could a request for online learning be denied?

Yes, denial is a possibility if the request is not in the best educational interest of the student. Below are some possible reasons for denial.

  1. If the course is offered onsite by the district, are there extenuating circumstances that make it difficult or impossible for the student to take the onsite course offered by the district?

  2. If the course is offered onsite by the district and the student is able to take that course, what are the reasons the student wants to take the virtual course?

  3. Does the course meet or exceed district curriculum standards and graduation requirements?

  4. Does the course align with the student's career goals and the student's individual career and academic plan (ICAP)?

  5. If the course is for remediation, will it personalize instruction to the student's specific needs?

  6. Is the district aware of any complaints or concerns regarding the quality of the course, and have those complaints or concerns been resolved?

  7. Has the district had difficulty working with the course instructor or provider to ensure a student with disabilities receives the required accommodations or modifications?

  8. Has the student demonstrated time-management skills that indicate that the student is capable of submitting assignments and completing course requirements without reminders?

  9. Has the student demonstrated persistence in overcoming obstacles and a willingness to seek assistance when needed?

  10. Has the student demonstrated verbal or written communication skills that would allow the student to succeed in an environment where the instructor may not have sufficient nonverbal cues to indicate the student's level of understanding?

  11. Does the student have the necessary computer or technical skills to succeed in a virtual course?

  12. Does the student have adequate access to computers, Internet and other necessary technology resources to participate in a virtual course and complete assignments?

  13. Has the student has not been a full-time student in a public school for at least one semester prior to request?

  14. Has course prerequisite courses been completed?

  15. Does the course request does not align with MCR2 graduation requirements?

  16. Is the student is already currently carrying maximum academic load?

  17. Has the student demonstrated success in previous online courses (if applicable)?

  18. Other?

If denied, is there an appeal process?

MCR2 has adopted an appeal process in accordance with Board policy. In the case of a denial of MOCAP request, individuals will receive written notification of denial and their path to appeal the decision.

For a link to the MCR2 Administrative Procedure of Best Interest Determination, see the link below:

IGCD – AP(1)

MCR2 Pilot Program (HS Student Overload)

MCR2 has initiated a Pilot Program that would allow a High School Student to take a Virtual Course and the District will reimburse half the cost of the course upon successful (passed) completion. The student must have a full course load and desire to take another on-site class. In this situation, a student may elect to take a Virtual Course as on overload class to free up their on-site schedule to take another on-site class and get half the cost of the Virtual Course reimbursed after successful completion (passed the Virtual Course).