Retiree Work Log

Retirees and Employers this year must maintain a work log for the Retirement System. Links are listed for both PSRS retirees and PEERS retiree logs:

PSRS Retiree Fillable Log

PEERS Retiree Fillable Log

These logs are a template created in Adobe Acrobat. Save the form to your computer under a name you give it.  A copy of your form needs to be submitted to the District Bookkeeper at the end of the work year.

PSRS/PEERS requires a separation period of one month from the PSRS/PEERS retirement date (not necessarily the last day worked).

Both PSRS and PEERS retirees are limited to working at most 550 hours each school year.

PSRS retirees are also limited to earning a maximum of 50% of the salary they would earn if they were employed in the same position full time, for the full school year (July 1st - June 30th) based on the employer's salary schedule and the retiree's education and work experience.