Montgomery County Rotary’s March student of the month was Kadence C. an 8th grader at MCMS R-II. This student was selected for showing the character trait of cooperation. This student was presented with a certificate from Rotary along with a gift card to Bundy’s for the positive impact they have shown to others.
about 2 years ago, Mrs. Kala Buck
We received many compliments from the Heart Center staff about the wonderful behavior of our students today while they were touring. Well done 8th grade students!
over 2 years ago, Mrs. Kala Buck
Well Done!
Marvels!! What is a Marvel and what does it take to become one? Marvels are students that show exemplary behavior, work hard to maintain good grades, and show up to school ready to learn and on time! Students become a Marvel by meeting expectations by not having behavioral referrals, having an attendance of 95%, and not having any Fs on their report cards quarterly. Marvels get rewarded! Students that are recognized as a Marvel have been given hat passes, special outdoor time, snacks during AcLab, amongst other things. If they maintain Marvel status, they can even go on a small field trip at the end of the semester. This week we are honoring Marvels with outdoor time (or if weather is not permitting, indoor activities)
over 2 years ago, Mrs. Kala Buck
Parents please help your Middle School students remeber to charge their Chromebooks in the evening. We are having many students come to school and their Chromebooks are not charged. Thanks again for your continued partnership in helping our students be successful.
over 2 years ago, Mrs. Kala Buck