Welcome to 7th & 8th Grade History

Red Fireworks With Blue Stars

My name is Colleen Jordan and this is my fifth year teaching at Montgomery County Middle School. Along with teaching, I serve on our schools Social Committee and Professional Development Committee. I am thrilled to continue my teaching career in such a positive school atmosphere surrounded by such inspiring students, staff members, and administrators.

My husband Joe and I live in Wentzville with our two children. Jackson will be two in November and Kinsley is 6 months old. We also have two black labs named Max and Jade. We love STL sports and try to go to as many Cardinal and Blues games as possible. 

My class focuses on the major events in United States History. In 7th grade, we talk start from early civilizations and work to the American Revolution. In 8th grade, we examine the early years of The United States, beginning with the Constitutional Convention and move through the Civil War. I incorporate geographical mini lessons and I like to provide insight on current events. We use google classroom in my class. All bell work and major assignments will be posted throughout the year. 

My teams and I work extremely hard to provide enrichment and support for each and every one of our students. Tracking achievement and providing support are essential for the growth and preparation for all students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about curriculum, instruction, or your child's performance. I truly believe that if parents and teachers are on the same page with their child's education, it will benefit the student in the best way possible. I can be reached during the school day at cjordan@mc-wildcats.org.

Mrs. Jordan
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
Montgomery County Middle School