Classroom Management



    1. To others

    2. To yourself


    1. For yourself

    2. For the equipment

    3. Your things


    1. To yourself

    2. To others

    3. To any adult



  1. Dress out everyday.

  2. Participate daily.

  3. Be a productive member of class.


  • No student will be allowed to leave gym.

    • There is a water fountain on the north end of the gym.

  • No one is allowed back into the locker rooms without permission.

  • Students get 5 minutes after tardy bell to get ready for class and 5 minutes at the end of the hour.


Class Setup:

  • Students are to report to the locker room before the tardy bell and not to come up until supervising teachers allows it.

  • Students are to come into the gym and go immediately to his/her designated spot for attendance.

  • After attendance, the class will complete a dynamic stretching workout.

  • After dynamic stretching, the class will complete a core worlout.

  • Following dynamic stretching and core workouts, the class will have a daily activity (team/individual games).

  • At the end of the activity time, each student will stretch and then have 5 minutes to dress in.


Doctor’s Excuses:

  • Each student is required to have a doctor’s excuse on file with the nurse.

  • Students that have excuses will still be asked to complete some form of physical fitness workout/activity if allowed by doctor.

    • Examples of activities – walking, leg exercises with bands, arm exercises with low weight

  • If student is not allowed to participate, he/she will have to write a 1-page report about a sport or athlete during class time.



  Minor Discipline Issues:

  • 1st Offense – talk/conference with student

  • 2nd Offense – time out of the day’s activity

  • 3rd Offense – removed from the situation and possible write up

  Major Discipline Issues:

  • Referral to Office